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Celebrating 25 Years!!

El Centro de Libertad is celebrating our 25th anniversary of service to San Mateo County. 1994 to 2019: How long has it been since yesterday anyway? It seems like a blink of an eye, yet so much has happened!

When George Borg saw that there were no outpatient programs that low-income families, those most in need, could afford he opened El Centro de Libertad, a bilingual substance abuse recovery center for people who needed help but also who needed to go to work or go to school or even just needed to take a break.

As George put it in an interview, “The longer I stayed in recovery, the more I wanted to share this gift with others that had the same problems that I had”.

Fast forward to 2019, 25 years have gone by and El Centro is still a leader in finding ways to support the multicultural needs of a diverse county. Over ten thousand individuals have been impacted by our programs or community presentations!

Originally an Outpatient Treatment program serving adults in Redwood City, El Centro soon added a youth component and then opened offices in Half Moon Bay featuring youth and adult programs. Continuing to grow, we also feature multiple groups focused on Domestic Violence, Anger Management and Parenting issues. Always looking to enhance our commitment to the community we now provide classroom-based Prevention Education modules in Redwood City and Half Moon Bay schools, and we are reaching Coastside farmworkers and in-shelter homeless individuals through a process of Motivational Presentations and Screening and Navigation assistance.

Yes, it’s been 25 years since this adventure began and because of all those who have passed through our doors, both clients and staff, it is truly clear that “Recovery is One Heart, Many Minds”.

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