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Adult Intervention

Our programs help improve the lives of adults struggling to break the cycle of substance use. We offer highly successful programs that provides Outpatient Treatment and Recovery Services.

Outpatient Treatment Services

A ninety (90) day multicultural Primary Care program that offers evidence-based tools to recovery by combining Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with an Abstinence-Based Model. Outpatient Treatment includes:

  • Case Managed Treatment Plans
  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • Co-Occurring Disorder Groups
  • Trauma-Informed Treatment
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Alcohol and Drug testing.
  • Alcohol and Other Drug Assessments for Child Protective Services

Recovery Services

An ongoing voluntary program that continues to engage clients after completion of Outpatient Treatment in order to reinforce and support tools learned in Primary Care. A struggle with substance abuse can impact relationships with family, work and the community in general. In many cases family members are also struggling with the same issue. If an individual is caught in the cycle of substance abuse the chances of turning the recovery process into a positive journey are dramatically enhanced with the participation of family members. Our case managed Recovery Service consists of:

  • Individual Counseling: Monthly check-ins with Counselors to give updates on maintaining recovery
  • Group Counseling: Monthly meetings with other clients who share challenges and success of their recovery journey
  • Family Fun Night: Monthly gatherings provide the opportunity for clients and families to connect with other families for the simple purpose of having enjoyable experiences based in sobriety. The journey into recovery is challenging for all family members, and this evening offers a chance for the whole family to set aside the work and have fun.


If you have questions about our programs, or approach please reach out so we can answer your questions.

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